Preschool Combo (August)

Preschool Dance Camp (Ages 3-5 yrs): Students will learn ballet, tap & jazz through fun, interactive action songs. The class will WOW parents with 2 short routines—a ballet routine & a tap/jazz combo routine. This class will have a mini in-class presentation for parents & guests on the last day of class to showcase what they have learned throughout the program. Students will also have a short crafting section every day. (In the event parent presentations are not held due to current covid-19 restrictions, the routines will be recorded  and sent to parents by email)

Date: August 16th-20th, 2021
Time: 9:00-11:30am
Cost: $165 (gst included)
Attire: Any body suit, tights, ballet slippers (or socks), tap shoes (or any hard party shoe)
Hair: Tied up our of face