Specialty & Adult Classes

It’s never too late to try something new! Our specialty and adult classes give you an opportunity to get active and work your body in a different art form. Whether you’re getting back to dance or have never tried the style before, these classes will enhance your dance experience.



L.A.D.A. Virtual Dance Classes

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Ladies Adult Jazz

 (Ages 25+)

Beginner – Intermediate Level

Calling all ladies, it’s your time to shine! A specially priced class offered for all the moms of L.A. Dance Academy. Now it’s your turn to learn some jazz and show your children just where they got those moves from. In this beginner/intermediate class you will learn the basics of jazz in a fun, easy-going environment. With catchy music and a relaxed atmosphere, you will be sure to have great time. So come out and give it a try. Bring a friend if you like but definitely bring yourself! This class will participate in our year end recital held at The Centennial Concert Hall. (Adults only & recital is OPTIONAL!)

Aerial Silks

(Ages 8 – 18+)

Beginner to Advanced Levels Available

Gain strength, flexibility and body awareness in a safe & fun environment. In Aerial silks you will be learning skills on the fabrics close and far away from the floor. The skills introduced involve strength, flexibility and creativity. Silks and mats will be provided. These full season classes will participate in our year end recital. 

Stretch & Strength

(Ages 8 – 18)

Intermediate – Advanced Level

This program is specially designed for advanced students to strengthen muscles and core while building endurance and overall technique. Students will execute various exercises using a roller, dynaband, bosu balls, yoga blocks etc. This class is specifically for training purposes, no recital and no costume required.

Adult Bachata (8 Week)

(Ages 18+)

Beginner-Intermediate (No partner required)

Bachata is a Latin dance style originating from the Dominican Republic and influenced by Bolero styles of dance. The bachata style is based on slow, smooth, and romantic rhythms. The basics of the dance are a three-step beat followed by a tap including a hip movement on the 4th beat. Modern styles may infuse salsa or tango steps. There will be a small in-studio presentation to showcase the exercises/ routine you have learned in the last class.  (No Recital/ Costume Required)

Day/Time: Monday 9:30 – 10:30 P.M.

Start Date: Monday, March 22, 2021

Class Attire: Comfortable clothing. Jazz Shoes, Character shoes or any dress shoe with a small heel is recommended. Dress Shoe or Sneakers for males.

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Dad’s Hip Hop

(Ages 25+)

Spend time learning something new while hanging with the guys! If you are a dance dad or just a guy looking for a good time with new friends, this is the class for you! Learn all of the best hip hop and urban dance moves in a fun, friendly environment! Optional recital performance component.

Starts January 2021 – May 2021