Hip Hop

(Ages 6-18)

Beginner to advanced levels available.

Full Season Program

Come and learn some of the hottest new hip hop dance moves straight from L.A. and move like your favorite stars! These high energy, funky and modern street dance style classes will help students enhance their technique, stamina, confidence, and physical fitness.We believe that although free movement is important and encouraged, students will best develop their skills by following a standard curriculum. Our set hip hop curriculum allows students to learn about rhythm, body awareness and many hip hop styles such as Locking, Popping, New Jack, New School Party Dances, House , Dancehall, Waacking and much more! As students continue in our program they will also learn about the importance of freestyle and textures. Our curriculum is specially designed to  build the self confidence of each child by the breakdown of set movements, encouraging self expression and by introducing hip hop in all of its forms. We are proud to offer many styles of hip hop so that students are not limited to one stream but rather are well rounded dancers and have the opportunity to excel in many styles.This class will participate in our year end recital held at The Centennial Concert Hall in May.