Pre Pointe

(Ages 13-18)

Intermediate — Advanced Level

Full Season Program

Students who take intermediate – advanced levels of ballet and meet the age criteria can be invited into our Pre Pointe-Program. Our top priority is always the safety of our students and our Pre Pointe-program aids in preparing students for the technique and strength required of an advanced Pointe class. Students will learn various ankle, calve, hip, core and ballet technique strengthening exercises which will be essential to the readiness of a student to get on Pointe shoes. All students will  start the season in ballet slippers and will be assessed for pointe shoes within class time. Students who receive their pointe shoes will continue the remainder of the season executing exercises in their shoes, while students who are not yet ready for shoes will continue to strengthen and participate in classes in their soft shoes. This entire class will participate in our year end recital held at The Centennial Concert Hall in soft shoes. Students who received their pointe shoes will also perform in soft shoes but will be automatically placed in our Pointe program the following season.