Health & Safety Protocols

We are pleased to welcome students back to in-person classes here at the studio. L.A.D.A. has implemented the following health and safety protocols based on the Manitoba Health guidelines for “Indoor recreation”, under which dance is classified to be able to offer the safest environment for all. We are closely monitoring policy changes and public health organizations and will continue to make changes, as necessary.The plan below, coupled with personal responsibility, presents our best efforts to keep our dancers, families and staff safe.

Flu-Like Symptoms

Students exhibiting any symptoms are not allowed in the building. Any student, faculty, staff or parent that has flu-like symptoms, any symptoms of COVID-19 within the past 14 days or have had any close contact with someone who is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 in the past 14 days or have traveled outside of Manitoba, we ask that you please not attend class or enter the studio. All symptoms should be clear for at least 48 hours prior to returning to class. If a dancer shows any symptoms, parents will be contacted for immediate pick up.


Face Coverings

Starting Friday, March 5th, 2021, any student ages 5 & over and parents/guests that enter the LADA facility MUST wear a mask upon entering and or when in the lobby area. Students are also REQUIRED to wear a mask in class.  The wearing of non-medical/ cloth face covering is a health practice that may help to prevent the infectious respiratory droplets of an unknowingly infected person (the wearer) from coming into contact with other people and surfaces. Please note however that using a mask during physical exertion may cause poor oxygenation, easily soiled/ moistened mask due to sweating/ heavy breathing, or risk from injury if caught on equipment. If a student wears a mask to class, we ask that they bring extras in the bag to switch out of in case of a soiled mask.**Students who forget to bring a mask, we will have children and adult masks on hand at the front desk for $1.00


Waiting Rooms

Our lobby/waiting area will be closed to parents and guests to limit the number of people in our facility. Common areas will be thoroughly sanitized between uses. The front desk area is now protected with a protective sneeze guard. Your children will still be able to safely communicate with the front desk if they need assistance.

  • Exception 1: Dancers who are in multiple classes and have a break between no longer than 60 minutes may remain in the lobby but MUST wear a mask and remain seated in their individually designated area which will be set 6ft apart from the next dancer. Students who cannot remain sitting for an extended amount of time should be picked up, especially recommended for younger students.
  • Exception 2: One Parent or guardian (No siblings) of students ages 4 & under may enter the studio with their child for inside drop-off. Parents/Guardians MUST wear a Mask. Dancers 4 & under are not required to wear a mask.

Limiting Dancer Capacity

Our class size limits have been reduced to allow for least a 2m distance between students except for brief exchanges. Each student will have an assigned square and/or spot on the floor and at the barre which will help to give dancers optimal amount of space to continue practicing social distancing.

Dancer Belongings

Please arrive dressed and ready for class to limit the amount of people changing in the restrooms. Each dancer will have a designated area for belongings. Please only bring what is necessary for class, extra items should be left at home or in the vehicle. Dance shoes should be changed upon entry. Dress code for students in back-to-back classes will be relaxed so that students do not need to change between classes



Studio Cleanliness & Sanitization

All studios/floors will be sanitized using a special disinfectant called ANK- neutral anolyte using a special disinfectant EnviroNize ULV fogger. Anolyte is a non-toxic, all-natural disinfecting substance that is effective and safe to use around children. It is often used in schools, community centers, airports, and offices. No students will be allowed inside the studio until the dance floors have been fogged and dried, which will take approximately 1-2 minutes. Equipment, props, ballet barres, aerial silks, mats, and common areas (e.g. Washroom, door handles) will be disinfected after each use and regularly. Besides our cleaning and sanitizing between classes, we have professional cleaners that come daily to clean the entire facility with the top cleaning and disinfectants.Our three large studios have 18 feet ceilings, which offer several newer HVAC’s for high efficient ventilation. For extra ventilation, we may also leave our exit doors partially open during the warmer months.

Hand Cleaning & Washing

Hand sanitizer stations are set up upon entry and exit of the building. Additionally, there are stations set up in each studio. All faculty, staff, and dancers should wash their hands regularly.


To minimize usage, we encourage dancers to use the restroom prior to class at home. We will have a designated restroom for each studio. Restrooms will be thoroughly sanitized between uses.

Water Bottle Refill Stations

Water bottle refill stations will not be available. Bathroom faucets are not to be used to fill water bottles. Students and staff should bring the appropriate amount of water to class. The front desk will have water, juice, and Gatorade for sale if needed.

Entrance & Exit

Entry: All dancers must be dropped off and lined up at the front of the building no sooner than 5 minutes before class. There will be designated areas for you to wait until you are welcomed into the building by a staff member. All dancers will be screened upon entry and must sanitize.

Students will exit through the back doors 3-5 minutes before their actual end time. We recommend parents of younger students be picked up by their parents in the back. Please practice social distancing while waiting for your child. Please DO NOT park your vehicle in the back as that would create a large traffic jam, and we want a safe and clear pathway for all of our dancers to be able to walk around to the front. For safety, teachers and staff will always be monitoring the back-lane area upon dismissal of classes. Please note for the safety of our students there will be no parking along the wall side of Freshii as it will be blocked off for student pick up. If you prefer that your child walk around the building on their own, please communicate that with your child. Students should practice pedestrian safety. Please practice safe parking and driving while in the parking lot. Parents must arrive on time, late pick up will NOT be permitted. *Please note that protocols may be changed based on the MB provincial government and health authority requirements. Modifications to these protocols may be made for the winter months*


Online Registration & Reserving Spots in Dance Classes

Please register for your class online, size limits will be based on the guidelines above. L.A.D.A. accepts credit cards and contactless forms of payment via our online registration portal (Visa, Mastercard, and Visa-Debit). We are also offering an e-transfer option. Please email us for more info on the e-transfer option.  We highly recommend early registration to reserve your spot as all classes are based on limited in-person capacity.