2017 – 2018 Awards

Thunderstruck Competition 2018

Thunderstruck Review:
LADA had a fantastic run this past weekend. We entered 78 Entries into the competition and based on the average score of all of our routines LADA was placed in the TOP 5 Studios at Thunderstruck which is a HUGE honor! Also, out of the 78 Entries we had 42 routines place in the TOP 10 scores. The “TOP 10” qualifications results come from the highest scores across ALL genres for that age/category from that entire Day, what an accomplishment! See below for more results:

  • 1st Place Overall X 5
  • 2nd Place Overall X 8
  • 3rd Place Overall X 3
  • 4th Place Overall X 9
  • 5th Place Overall X 3
  • 6th Place Overall X 6
  • 7th Place Overall X 2
  • 8th Place Overall X 3
  • 9th Place Overall X 3
  • 10th Place Overall X 1

The individual score of every routine is given based on the following titles : Bronze, Silver, Gold, High Gold, Lightning Gold or Platinum Thunder!

LADA received the following: Platinum Thunder x 11 | Lightning Gold x 42 | High Gold x 25

In addition we had several special awards given to specific students and L.A.D.A History was made this Weekend! 

Thunderbolt Solo Winner!

Madison Guarino from the Elite Team was the 2018 Winnipeg Thunderbolt Solo Challenge Champion! Students in this category had to compete 3 solo’s within the Thunderbolt Rockstar Category and the scores of the 3 solo’s were averaged to give the final winner. There were 15 other strong soloists in this category and this was a HUGE achievement not only for Madison but for our studio to receive such a prestigious title. Way to go Madison!

Petite Top Score Award!

Aaden Bhowani was the OVERALL SOLO WINNER of the entire weekend with the Highest score of all solos, duo’s AND trio’s in his Category/Age Group. He was awarded the “Future Star Petit Top Score Award”  for his Solo “No strings” choreographed by Mr. Justin– Congrats Aaden!

Judges Distinction & Special Awards:

  • Simon Lukacs Hip Hop Solo Choreography by Mr. Juan
  • Selene Nguyen Lyrical Solo Choreography by Ms. Lindsay
  • Madison Guarino Lyrical Solo Choreography by Ms. Lindsay
  • Madison Guarino “Judges Superbolt” Award for overall excellence in the competition

5678 Showtime Competition 2018

We are so incredibly proud of our students, choreographers & staff for a truly remarkable weekend at 5678 Dance Competition.  We worked as a team and are proud to say that L.A.D.A placed in ALL the TOP OVERALL categories that we were eligible for. (In order to place overall, we needed a minimum of 6 routines in each age category across all genres. The Top 6 scores are averaged to give the Top overall winners)

Overall Category Awards

  • 1st OVERALL = 12 & under Groups Winning $1,000
  • 1st OVERALL= 13+ Groups Winning $2,000
  • 2nd OVERALL = 13+ solo/duo/ trio Winning $250.00

Category Awards

  • 1st Place X 24 Routines
  • 2nd Place X 17 Routines
  • 3rd place X 9 Routines

And 19 of these routines placed for Dance World Cup in Summer of 2018.

In addition, Congratulations to Bentley Ali, Ellie Farrell & Madison Guarino who aside from competing also took part in the 5678 convention over the weekend. These girls have worked incredibly hard and earned 2 titles/awards this afternoon…

Scholarship Recipients: $750 scholarship to Paris/ Barcelona Dance Tour

  • Bentley Ali
  • Ellie Farrell
  • Madison Guarino

Dancer of the Year Recipients: ( in order to qualify students must have a minimum of 3 solos in 3 separate categories. The 3 highest scoring routines are averaged for the highest scores)

13& over selections:

  • Bentley Ali
  • Ellie Farrell
  • Madison Guarino

Dancer of the Year Winner!

Lastly, Congratulations to Madison Guarino on being the 1st Place OVERALL WINNER of the “Dancer of the Year” 13-18 yr old category winning $1,000 CASH. Madison who is only 14 is one of three of the youngest winners to ever Win “Dancer of the Year” in all 25 years of the competition. This is an incredible achievement!

MOVE Dance Competition 2018

Great start at the Move Dance Competition! Results:

Category Awards

  • 1st place X 13 routines
  • 2nd place X 4 rotuines

Score Awards

  • Platinum Awards: 22
  • Diamond Awards: 11

Special Congratulations to our Jr.1 Jazz team and Ms.Lindsay on their outstanding performance. They received: “TOP SCORING ROUTINE” in the pre-competitive category from 185 pieces. They received the PLATINUM TOP AWARD for the Jr. Precomp Division  & received a Judges Special Judges Award.

Congratulations also to our Sr. Soloist Tayler Buss for receiving a “Five Star” Dance scholarship for the Mayan Riviera convention tour.

CNDC Dance Competition 2018

Category Awards

  • 1st Place X 30 Routines
  • 2nd Place X 15 Routines
  • 3rd Place X 2 Routines

Score Awards

  • Elite Gold Awards X 8
  • High Gold Awards X 63
  • Gold Awards X 8

Overall Category Awards:

  • 1st place overall X 5
  • 2nd place overall X 4
  • 3rd place overall X 5

Special Judges Awards:

  • Choreography Award for Mr. Justin for Mini Elite Hip Hop Team
  • Choreography Award for Ms. Lindsay for the Jr.2 Elite Jazz Team
  • Choreography Award for Ms. Lindsay for the Inter Elite Jazz Team
  •  Madison Guarino awarded “The Doug Cadwell Award” for her lyrical solo routine by Ms. Lindsay. Doug was The Father of Lyrical Dance who always danced & taught with passion, commitment & love
  • Natasha Purificacion awarded  “Out of this World” with special mention to beautifully filling space in her music for her lyrical solo by Ms. Carly
  • Corina Schuler awarded the “Broadway Bound” award for her musical theatre solo by Ms. Brittany H.
  • Elite Lyrical Team by Ms. Lindsay was awarded Special Judges Award for “Levels,Control, Attack”
  • Jacob Schroeder awarded the special Judges Award “The Manipulator” for manipulating every muscle in his body during the performance with his hip hop solo by Mr. Justin
  • Kayla Odidison was awarded Special Judges Award “Smooth like the other side of a pillow”  with special mention to smooth but FIERCE movement! for her hip hop solo
  • Elite Jazz Team by Ms. Lindsay  was awarded Special Judges Special Award “Si Senora” for their routine CONGA
  • Madison Guarino was awarded the Judges Choice Award for “Under Attack” with special mention to fierce movement,flexibility and a CRAZY end pose for her jazz solo by Ms. Sofia
  • Ella Almario was awarded Special Judges Award “Beast Mode” for jazz solo by Ms. Sofia
  • The Senior acro team received a Special Judges Award “Bag of Tricks” for their Gemini routine by Ms. Alex
  • Inter Elite Lyrical Small Group received Special Judges Award “Most Captivating” by Ms. Lindsay
  • Jr. Ballet Ensemble received Judges Special Award for “Most Potential” by Ms. Heather
  • Jr Tap Team received Judges Special Award ” HIP-HIP- HOORAY” by Ms. Jessica
  • The Jr. 1 Jazz Team received a Judges Special Award for “All That Jazz” by Ms. Lindsay
  • Selene Nguyen received a Judges Special Award for “Beautiful Battement” for her lyrical solo by Ms. Lindsay
  • Aaden Bhowani receoved a Judges Special Award for “Best Animation” for his hip hop solo by Mr. Justin

Festival Scholarships 2018

Congratulations to our MB Provincial Dance Festival scholarship recipients Madison Guarino & Jyra Geronimo. Madison was selected for her contemporary solo by Ms. Lindsay and Jyra was selected for her hip hop solo by Mr. Justin.  Both girls were invited to the Dance Manitoba Gala this evening for their accomplishment.

Dance Canada Competition 2018


Score Awards

  • Dynamic Gold Awards x 33
  • High Gold X 40

Category Awards:

  • 1st Place X 34 routines
  • 2nd place X 7 routines
  • 3rd place X 6 routines

Overall Awards

  • 1st Place X 16 routines
  • 2nd Place X 8 routines
  • 3rd Place X 9 Routines
  • Junior Solo Invitation for Miss Canada finals in Ontario:
    • Myah Buchanan
    • Jace Stefanec
    • Ella Almario
  • 13-15 Mr / Miss Dance Canada Finals invitation in Ontario:
    • Kayla Odidison
    • Jyra Geronimo
    • Dexter Furber
    • Bentley Ali
    • Madison Guarino
  • 16 & over Mr./ Miss Dance Canada Finals invitation in Ontario:
    • Natasha Purificacion
    • Tayler Buss
    • Jacob Schroeder

“Destined to Succeed” Scholarship

Congratulations to Bentley Ali on receiving the one and only senior “Destined to Succeed” Scholarship at Dance Canada. Bentley was recognized by the judges for her many performances in both groups and solos. Bentley stood out because of her powerful dancing, great execution, and sharp intention. We are so proud of you Bentley, keep up the great work!

Special Judges Awards

  • Mini Elite Hip Hop Team by Mr. Justin was awarded the “Groove Masters” award
  • Mini Elite Jazz Team by Ms. Lindsay was awarded the “Practice makes perfect” award
  • Aaden Bhowani Hip Hop Solo by Mr. Justin was awarded the “Nailed It” award
  • Jr. 1 Jazz Team by Ms. Lindsay was awarded “The Rockettes” award
  • Sr Tap Trio by Ms. Jessica (Ellie, Madalyn & Devyn) received the “Eye catcher” award
  • Musical Theare Duo by Ms. Brittany (Dexter & Corina) received the “Seems like the first time” award
  • Explosion Hip Hop Team by mr. Justin received the “Dynamic” award
  • Ella Almario Jazz Solo by Ms. Sofia receive the “Dynamo” award
  • Jacob Schroeder hip hop solo by Mr. Justin received the “Insanity” award
  • Corina Schuler Musical theatre solo by Ms. Brittany received the “Broadway Bound” award
  • Jr. Small Group by Ms. Lindsay “Cover Girl” received the “Here to Work”
  • Kayla Odidison received the “Miss MTV” award for her hip hop solo
  • Elite Jazz team by Ms. Lindsay received the “Sugar & Spice” award
  • Elite Contemporary team by Ms. Sofia received the “Amazing & Beautiful” award
  • Elite Jazz Trio by Ms. Lindsay (Ella, Myah, Madison W) received the “Engaged Intensity” award
  • Senior Musical Theatre team by Ms. Brittany received the “Keep the Animals Coming” award
  • Sr. Tap team by Ms. Brittany received the “Tony goes to…” award
  • Sr. Jazz Team by Ms. Lindsay the “Strength & Stamina” award

Nationals Competition & Convention 2018 (Mont Tremblant, Quebec)

June 27 th – June 30 th

Convention Award:

Congratulations to Eleanor Farrell, Madison Guarino & Jacob Schroeder who were among 30 students selected out of over 100 convention students and invited for a special Acro workshop at The Cirque Du Soleil Headquarters. What an experience! Thank you @5678_showtime for this incredible and memorable experience!

Nationals Awards:

Eleanor Farrell: Congratulations to Ellie Farrell on completing at Nationals this past week in the “Dancer of the Year category”. Ellie had an amazing run with all 3 of her solos. We are so proud of what Ellie has showcased at Nationals. She has worked extremely hard this season and it has paid off as all her marks at Nationals were 90 & above. Way to go Ellie!

Lyrical Solo by Ms. Sofia- 2nd place
Hip Hop Solo by Mr. Justin – 2nd place
Contemporary Solo by Ms. Lindsay- 3rd place


Jacob Schroeder: Congratulations to Jacob who competed with 2 solos at the Nationals competition, one of which was choreographed by himself for the very first time. We are incredibly proud of your hard work this season!

Hip Hop Solo by Mr. Justin – 1 st Place
Variety Solo (Lyrical Hip Hop) by Jacob- 1 st Place

Jace Stefanec: Congratulations to Jace who competed at Nationals with her hip hop solo. She had an incredible performance and placed 1 st in the Hip Hop 12 Year old Category. Way to go Jace!

Hip Hop Solo by Mr. Justin – 1 st Place

Madison Guarino: Congratulations to Madison on placing 1st at Nationals and receiving a Crystal
Trophy for the “Highest Score Across all Genres” in the 13 & over solo category. Her
contemporary routine “Too Bright” by Ms. Lindsay scored a 96.07!!!

Lastly, Madison goes on to win the National Title for 1st place “Dancer of the Year 13 & over”
She won $1,000 cash for having the highest average score on 3 solos. Way to represent Manitoba
and L.A.D.A!

Ballet Solo By Ms. Heather – 1 st Place
Contemporary Solo by Ms. Lindsay – 1 st Place
Jazz Solo by Ms. Sofia- 1 st Place
Hip Hop Solo By Mr. Justin – 1 st Place
Lyrical Solo by Ms. Lindsay – 1 st Place

Dance World Cup Competition 2018 (Mont Tremblant, Quebec)

July 1 – July 5 th , 2018

And we are all finally back home. Congrats once again to our incredible #ladafam. We are extremely thankful for an amazing group of students, parents and staff. We had an incredible time at Dance World Cup and are proud to say that all 26 of our routines placed in a podium spot

Final medal count


We also came home with a little extra hardware. Our Elite Lyrical team by Ms. Lindsay tied for “HIGHEST GROUP SCORE AGES 13& UP” with a score of 96.67/100!