Lee Banaga

Lee first began dancing at the age of 14 years old. He has competed with
many teams such as Un1te, Project, Sikat, Legacy, and Vanguard. Starting at the
age of 18 years old he became a choreographer for Sikat Dance Company, Tec
Voc High School’s dance team and recently for the CFL Blue Bomber’s Cheer
Team. In the past, he has also taught various drop in classes for different dance
Back in 2009, Lee traveled across Canada and the United States to
compete and showcase with his previous teams. Exposing himself to numerous
dance events; World of Dance (Chicago, San Diego, Orlando, Pasadena) and
San Francisco’s Urban Paradise. National events with Artist Emerge (Vancouver
and Edmonton). As well as Toronto (Urban Rumble, R2D Competition) and
Montreal’s Canadian Hip Hop Championship.

In 2014, Lee was fortunate to travel to San Diego and completed a one on
one private training session from world-renowned Keone and Mariel Madrid at
the Building Block. In the past, Lee has also taken various classes from Los
Angeles choreographers such as Shaun Evaristo, Pat Cruz, Lyle Beniga, Jillian
Meyers, Jeka Jane, Jun Qumado, Mike Fallorina, and many more.

Lee started at L.A Dance Academy in 2015. His main objective as an
instructor is to contribute his understanding and appreciation of hip-hop by
inspiring his students in every class.