Another amazing recital!! Really proud to have been a part of it and appreciate the hard work and dedication of Lucy and all the staff at LADA!I also wanted to pass on some very big praise for Heather. She is an amazing teacher whom I’ve benefited from greatly. What she does with the Ladies Only class really deserves extra applause. Her skill in handling us, in choreographing increasingly challenging pieces and her confidence in our ability to pull it off are inspiring and brilliant! Thank you!
– Michelle F.

I just want to say how fabulous you guys are!!! You have no idea how amazing and what a wonderful positive environment La Dance is to our family. She has come a long way to building her self confidence over the past 3 year. She had a rough go when she began school and was bullied… LA Dance and the environment was exactly what we needed and she LOVES dance so thank you !!!
– Carla

Helping my girls become confident and strong ladies I know they can be.
– Joe Evaristo

I love dance because it says what words can’t say sometimes and being able to come and express that in a place where creativity and what you want to express is allowed and is encouraged.
– Corina Schuler

My daughter Madisyn has been a dance student at L.A. Dance Academy for 4 years now. Over the years, the dance studio has become our second home and we truly couldn’t be happier with L.A. Dance Academy as a whole. All the staff & faculty are very professional, inviting, helpful, knowledgeable and have treated us like Family from the minute we registered. The choreographers are upbeat & modern. They inspire, challenge and above all they encourage the dancers to push beyond their limits because they believe in them and what they can accomplish. The staff and faculty continue to provide guidance and support my daughter throughout her journey and that is priceless to a parent. They see the potential in the dancers and have helped to build the confidence that my daughter will need to grow. We absolutely love L.A. Dance Academy and are honored and proud to be a part of the LADA Family. A Proud LADA Dance Mom!
– Elizabeth M.

L.A. Dance has done that, it’s allowed her to find her voice through dance. And I couldn’t be happier
– Melanie Speer.

I’m just really proud of LA how they have evolved and I remember years ago there used to be 3 dance teams, explosion, elite and junior elite and now look how many teams there are.
– Wendy Daien

I’d like to say to Miss Lucy and the staff of L.A. Dance Academy thank you for shaping my life, really I started when I was 3 and now here I am as a teacher and it’s really helped me develop into the person I am today
– Jillian Daien